The Childhood Rooms Collection - Story
Daniela Militaru

The Childhood Rooms Collection - Story

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The story room, a place where you would listen to stories as a child. Even though you would be read to from a book, the moment the story began you would dive in a unique visualisation, you would see a corner of a magical world created by yourself. Magical yes, but sometimes scary, extremely large, hot, cold, windy, loud, with one of a kind creatures, toys, places, sounds. There was always a guardian angel with you as well, a safety net, a fairy godmother so to speak that was guiding you through and pulling you out if necessary.

Oil on canvas - July 2020

***Offer temporarily unavailable***1 of 3 in The Childhood Rooms Collection (can be bought separately, but there is £1000 discount on the entire collection if the paintings are bought together, check it out on its own page)

H 50 cm x W 70 cm x D 2 cm
H 19.68 in x W 27.56 in x D 0.79 in