The Childhood Rooms Collection - Memory
Daniela Militaru

The Childhood Rooms Collection - Memory

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There was a place where you would have gone if you wanted to get a bit of calm, peace, safety, or where you would have just had an overwhelming good feeling when you were a child, or at least I had as I was lucky. I wish all children would be able to experience something like this, but unfortunately it's not a very fair universe.
I can see the grandparents' old house and garden, the field you used to run and play in, the mother figure that would call you and your siblings back in the house when dinner was ready, all of your favourite toys, your grandfather waiting in his chair and all the puddles you could stomp, splash and get dirty in. No cares or worries in the world...

Oil on canvas - July 2020

***Offer temporarily unavailable***1 of 3 in The Childhood Rooms Collection (can be bought separately, but there is £1000 discount on the entire collection if the paintings are bought together, check it out on its own page)

H 50 cm x W 70 cm x D 2 cm
H 19.68 in x W 27.56 in x D 0.79 in