The Childhood Rooms Collection - Imagination
Daniela Militaru

The Childhood Rooms Collection - Imagination

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Children create a new Universe whenever they play. This Universe of imagination is built to contain anything from real toys that you can rely on, to abstract concepts, colours, objects, smells that all revolved around you as it's centre. You could have a rooster as a best friend or a green sky that always had just the right amount of clouds. Your ability to deform or create would be limitless. A bit cliche, but anything would be possible.

Oil on canvas - July 2020

***Offer temporarily unavailable***1 of 3 in The Childhood Rooms Collection (can be bought separately, but there is £1000 discount on the entire collection if the paintings are bought together, check it out on its own page)

H 80 cm x W 100 cm x D 2 cm
H 31.5 in x W 39.4 in x D 0.79 in