Regent's Setting
Regent's Setting
Regent's Setting
Daniela Militaru

Regent's Setting

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Coming from a time when Regent's Canal was teeming with people (I'm posting this on 08/04/20), not so long ago actually, in January. It's mind-boggling how quickly things can change from one day to another.

The walk on the canal impressed me because of the staggering difference between the setting over a distance of less than 15-20 m. From uber-expensive, well maintained new boats (in lack of a better word from my limited nautical vocabulary), to buildings with broken windows and vegetation growing out of them on the banks. From people having their homes or businesses on the water to abandoned blow-up rafts used as a shelter for ducklings,  you could see a whole world unfold by just taking a few steps. When we'll get past this and it'll be safe to take a stroll again, go from Broadway Market towards Victoria Park, on the canal, you'll see what I mean.

Original Painting - January 2020

Oil on cotton canvas

W 60 cm x H 50 cm x D 2 cm
W 23.62 in x H 19.68 in x D 0.79 in